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This website is my online “window” as a photographer – feel free to ask questions…!

Thank you for visiting Neil Harrington Photography online. I’m a Galway based professional photographer with more than twenty years experience, together with a life-long interest in Photography, and I consider myself lucky to work at a job that I’ve always been interested in.  The technology involved in taking photographs, producing high quality images has changed dramatically over the last twenty-five years, and has created new challenges and oppertunities. I enjoy working as a photographer, I get to meet a lot of interesting people and I get to work in most parts of this country, in the UK,  and abroad on occasions. If you are currently planning your wedding and looking for information about photography options for  your big day, Im available to help you in any way I can, an I’m just a phone call away, any day of the week as you wish.

Your Wedding Day is probably one of the biggest events in you life, and for this reason the person you choose to record the images from the this one very important day needs to be an experienced photographer who has the skills, ability and equipment to produce high quality images of your Wedding Day and all the family members and guests who attend your wedding.  Your wedding photos will become a historical record for yourself, your children and grand-children to look at in the years to come, and these images are highly valuable, and ir-replaceable.

Photo Books and Albums 

Modern Wedding Photo Books ( photos printed directly on to the pages) will last a lifetime, provided the are kept in a safe place. While having digital files stored on your computer, or on a tablet or other digital media, is a temporary option, the safest way to protect the images from a Wedding Day is in a printed book. Digital files once lost can never be recovered,  the reality is that any computer can crash or any hard drive can become corrupted.  In the old days of Film Photography, there was always the option of taking the photo negatives out of a filing cabinet and having new prints made from the negatives. However, modern digital photography dosent need to use a film negative as all the files are stored electronically on computers.

About me, Availability, Venues  and travel etc….

I’m based in Galway City,  I work in Galway and the West of Ireland and also in Dublin,  and willing to travel to most locations nationwide, and on occasions out of the country.  I provide a wide range of packages to suit all your needs, which includes a choice of very high quality Photo Books.. If you would like to check my availibility on your chosen date, or more information please feel free to get in touch with me. My details are available on my contacts page or to send an email  just  click  on this link to my email address:

Beacause every wedding is different, you will have better options, and get the best deal by talking to me on the phone,  or arrange a consultation (without any obligation),  and giving me as much info and  detail as possible about your wedding. When I have this information, I can tailor a Wedding Photoggraphy Package to match your requirements and budget.  *A Wedding Photo Story Book does not have to be included in advance, and as you wish can be left until later* . I like to be able to work out the timing of your wedding day well in advance, the distances involved, between the Brides Home and the Church, as well as distance from the Church to the  Reception Venue.  Good planning makes the day run smoothly!  

Printing Photos and Photo Framing    –    in-house printing…

I print all my own photos, all sizes from 8×6 right up to A2!  however, I rarely get asked to print photos bigger than A3 which is approximately 12 x 16 inches.  I print my own photos because it saves a lot of time, and I can print a photo or a batch of photos any time that I choose, at night or even on a Sunday or Bank Holiday without having to travel, and I like to be able to control the colour, contrast and brightness, exactly as I want the finished photo to look,  using a high quality Permajet paper for all my prints, which gives the photos a beautiful (semi-matt) Lustre finish.  I use a Professional Photo Lab to print and bind all Photo Books, and Story Book Albums. I use a local photo frame shop when I need photos professionally framed and mounted and they do a really first class job everytime.  See The Frame Shop banner at the bottom of this page.


Photo from Mike and Fiona’s Wedding, at Kingston on Thames, London, August 2017.

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