Above is a sample “double page spread” (Two pages open  in a “lay flat” book) from a recent Wedding – An 11″ x 14″  40 page Story Book Album would contain twenty double page layouts as well as a Cover Photo on the front cover.


Photo Books and Albums 

Modern Wedding Photo Books ( photos printed directly on to the pages) will last a lifetime, provided the are kept in a safe place. While having digital files stored on your computer, or on a tablet or other digital media, is a temporary option, the safest way to protect the images from a Wedding Day is in a printed book. Digital files once lost can never be recovered,  the reality is that any computer can crash or any hard drive can become corrupted.  In the old days of Film Photography, there was always the option of taking the photo negatives out of a filing cabinet and having new prints made from the negatives. However, modern digital photography dosent need to use a film negative as all the files are stored electronically on computers.

Some more info about Wedding Photo -Books, Storybook Albums, and Traditional Wedding Albums….

All our Photo-Story Books are printed here in Ireland, are of a very high standard and quality, and are designed by ourselved from a selection of the nicest photos from your wedding day.

The choice of book and cover will be agreed with the Bride and Groom in advance. You may also choose the Cover Photo for your book. We have a wide range of Photo-Books available as well as smaller size parent albums. All our Photo-Books are printed here in Ireland, and are usually available within a few weeks from the time of going to print.

We design your Wedding Story Book using special Photo Book design software on an iMac Computer. This allows complete flexibility in the choice and size of each photo in each double page layout, and also allows for photos to be “over-layed” on to a background photo as above. We can mix black and white and colour photos and the Photo Book shows the story of your wedding in the pages of the book in chronoligical order from the first page of the book to the last. Book are aavilable in 10″x 10″ and 12″ x 12″ Square Format and also 11″ x  14″ in Landscape or Portrait format. A choice of having a plain leatherette cover with or without a Front Cover Photo, or with Acrilic front Cover, with a photo from the wedding on the front of the book.

All Photo Books are of  a very high quality and professional finish, and come in a black presentation box !  We will be able to show you a sample book in advance….


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